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We are a global software development company who is Inventing the future, one product at a time

Using cutting edge technology, blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, Jai Infoway Pvt. Ltd. is able to efficiently understand your business needs and solve complex inter organizational problems. For the past two decades, we have developed software for various companies around the globe. Building products that simplify business processes and increase connectivity.

Our solutions centric focus allows us to tailor our systems to streamline customers’ success. To date we have delivered:

100+ projects delivered to the healthcare industry

20+ projects delivered in automotive sales and services

25+ projects in accounts and inventory management


In a world of rapidly expanding technology, we make innovations more accessible. Our mission is to create a future with greater opportunity and tech solutions built to stand the test of time. We partner with other leading development firms to build the most secure and innovative platforms.


Our goal is to be your trusted partner for all software development needs.

As visionaries and technologists, we see long-term implications on business. Our expertise allows us to leverage new technology and bring industry wide improvements to market. By serving the interests of our stakeholders, employees, customers, partners and community we will become a platform for change and opportunity.



We focus on meeting your needs through product performance. Our team enjoys the process of problem solving and strives to produce excellent solutions for your business needs.


Using the Safe Agile methodology, we ensure needs are met before moving on to the next phase. In our open, honest and collaborative work environment employees and clients feel confident that their ideas will be well received.


Questioning accepted wisdom is important in order to create new approaches to problems. We constantly strive to be innovative and never rest on our laurels.


Although technology continues to develop, our need for basic human interaction remains. At Jai Infoway we build bridges with others working towards a common goal. Understanding that as amazing as technology is, if it has no users it is only lines of code.

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