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AI (Artificial Intelligent) in Healthcare

AI Emerges with the Smartest Solutions in Healthcare

The preferment of technology has introduced people with Artificial Intelligence. When change is constant, healthcare is adopting new progress as well. Starting from cloud technology to connected devices to machine learning everything is here to set a new level for healthcare. Tech giants including Apple, Amazon and Samsung are therefore taking the plunge for investing a large portion of earning in the healthcare sector. Hence, the dream of establishing smart hospital units are yet to come true.

Does Big Tech Stand to be a Cause for Distorting the Healthcare System?

Research has established the fact that a particular division of Samsung named Samsung Bioepis Co is giving their best effort to create a cost-effective solution for Lucentis — Roche Holding AG’s eye drug,. Another big tech solution Apple is elevating with the iPhone where it has successfully combined this device with the collection of the bio-health data and the wellness.

Apple is also taking the new initiative as the professionals are having words with the drug companies and the hospitals to make the iPhone one of the central repositories for all sorts of health data imaginable. This tech solution is now rising to be the best hacker for the kind of tech troubles. Apple is connecting the device with everything starting from allergy information to clinical trial studies.

Amazon, that is comprised of the biggest supply chain as well as a distribution system, shattering the stereotype of the healthcare sector and evolving with upgraded technology. The entire medical sector is afraid of this Amazon effect that may circle the healthcare system fully with its determination level. However, this may conclude the disruption in the flow of the delivery of goods and services.

A recent survey speculates that with the progress of Amazon, Apple, Google and other big tech giants, people are now going to face the new era of the Big Pharma. If the health sector is already into sharing their supply chain management system with these tech houses, then why not sharing healthcare data and prescription with the tech houses to get a further up-gradation in the system?

However, few important questions have been asked from a consumer’s perspective and they are –

Is this what the consumers want? Will the customers get benefitted from the upgraded system that hospitals and pharma houses are receiving from the tech giants? Will this new progress be able to improve the system inside healthcare? What sort of improvement will be there when it comes to the treatment of the patients?

Smart Tech Helping Hospitals to Take Things Forward

As the choice of lifestyle makes a great impact on the healthcare system, the percentage of national GDP related to this is now getting out of control. The governments across the globe are facing this challenge as well.

Survey has approved that healthcare cost the globe $7.1trillion in the year of 2015 whether it is estimated to touch $8.7 trillion by 2020.

Therefore, to ensure the affordability of the services under any healthcare house, the authority must rethink how the services to be delivered to the patients. New ideas and technical upgrade are needed to offer proper treatment to the patients within a cost-effective price. Moreover, the medical data should be appropriate and the healthcare houses must keep those data in a secured place so that no data get replaced when it is required.

Improvement should also be recalled when the patients are taking appointments for after checkup right after their recovery from the illness.

Four effective ways that the health sector has already tried transforming to offer better care and treatment to the patients –

1. Bio-telemetry

When a patient has come to a doctor for treatment, that specialized person is, of course, going to suggest a particular lifestyle to the patient that to be followed. For example, if a doctor asks the patient to walk for an hour in a day to lose the weight, then the doctor can’t track whether that patient is following the advice or not. Without data, it is intractable to know if the lifestyle has been changed as per the advice. Storing the data and tracking them will help a doctor to check if the advice is working or the patient needs to be suggested some other exercises.

The elevation of technology has already gifted people with loads of device and apps to collect and count the information on their health. Monitoring everything — from heart rate to pressure check to the number of steps and other related signs can help one to get proper diagnosis and aftercare advice. When you present your data in front of a doctor, that person will help you with a perfect suggestion to make a real difference.

2. Drug development

Since the project has begun, we took the first initiative to map much of the genome of the human. We have collected over 1, 800 diseases on genetic codes and more than 2, 000 genetic tests took place for a wide array of human conditions. Genomics is found to make a serious impact on drug developments as well as in the field of oncology. If the big Pharma companies initiate genomic approaches for drug development, then we can see a significant change in the time and cost which will be more effective for the consumers.

If we take a step forward to combine the trial phase with the bio-telemetry data of the patient while checking the same thing with doctors, patients and medical providers, we can gain the perfect insight of the process. It will help us to know how a newly invented drug behaves and how it reacts with the disease and whether it’s on the way to cure the patient. All we need to do is the anticipate the big data and a gene-based approach.

3. Primary Care Virtual Doctor

Doctors are into the profession where they hardly can call for a leave. This hectic schedule has always resulted in overworked and excessive stress. However, new technology is here to reduce their workload. The latest form of primary care has been tested and some of the cases have showcased positive feedback. If you have a minor problem and that’s why you are vesting the doctor, then here’s the finest solution for you. Let’s the AI introduce you with the upgraded web and app-based self-serve tools where you can easily get connected to your preferred doctors and know about the diagnosis. Some health houses allow only those patients who already have a virtual consultation with a specialized person.

You can also connect the doctor through a video call and if your symptoms are not that serious and severe, then you will receive the needed advice and prescribe from the doctor on this video call. The patient can either pick up the prescription or get it via SMS or email.

The primary consolation can easily reduce the workloads of the doctors and help the patients to avoid queues. This upgraded system will save both your time and money!

4. Virtual Mobile rehabilitation

In the case of a sports injury or orthopaedic care having a physical rehabilitation plays a major role in the treatment process. Even if it’s all about the post-surgery care, you must visit the clinic to get perfect treatment.

An app that helps both the patient and the doctor monitoring bio-data will easily rally this information to the doctor. This further helps the doctor to suggest the proper treatment and care be taken place. It allows the patient to choose a virtual assisted recovery system which helps them faster cure as well. Doctors, if allotted with the real-time data, can modify the treatment anytime it is needed.


Innovation and technological advancement have therefore accepted the challenge to change the entire healthcare system for the betterment of the patients and the doctors. It is allowing the authority to invite new changes in the industry and taking care of the time and money that are invested by people in healthcare. If you adopt the new changes, then it is admissible that we are going to create a better world with less stress. The tech industry inroads the pace of changes and their relentless progress has already started making a positive impact.

In the next ten years, we are going to face a healthcare system where there is everything — from on-time diagnosis to perfect treatment to track records of the bio-data with real-time effects. Health problems are therefore won’t become an obscure anymore.

Both inside and outside of healthcare should bring in more transformation to gift this world with a better future.

Patients are now able to get more informed decisions and even the doctors are now free from excessive workload. Tech giants are dreaming of such an advanced world where worries will be lesser and a healthier society will be built.

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