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Amazon EFS vs Amazon FSx for Windows vs Amazon FSx for Lustre

FeatureAmazon EFSAmazon FSx for Windows File ServerAmazon FSx for Lustre
TypeServerless, scalable, high-performance file system in the cloudFully managed, scalable file storage for Windows ServerServerless file system that runs on Lustre
Accessible fromAmazon EC2 Linux instances, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda functions via NFS protocolWindows, Linux, and MacOS compute instances and devicesThousands of compute instances
File System Access SemanticsStrong consistency and file lockingWindows-specific administrative features such as user quotas and Active Directory integrationFast storage and high performance
ScalabilityAutomatically scales to handle petabytes of dataEach file system can store up to 64 TB of dataManually increase storage capacity every 6 hours
Storage ClassesStandard, Standard Infrequent Access, One Zone, and One Zone Infrequent AccessSSD or HDD storage optionsN/A
Data RedundancyRedundantly stored across multiple AZsMulti-AZ file systems provide automatic failoverN/A
Data EncryptionAt rest and in transit using AWS KMS and TLS 1.2At rest and in transit using keys managed through AWS KMS and SMB Kerberos session keysN/A
On-Premises AccessRequires AWS Direct Connect or VPN connectionRequires AWS Direct Connect or VPN connectionN/A
Use CasesBig data and analytics, media processing, content management, web serving, home directoriesCRM, ERP, custom or .NET applications, home directories, data analytics, media and entertainment workflows, software build environments, Microsoft SQL ServerApplications that require fast storage