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Amazon RDS vs DynamoDB

    FeatureAmazon RDSDynamoDB
    Type of databaseManaged relational (SQL)NoSQL
    FeaturesMultiple DB enginesSingle-digit millisecond performance
    Storage SizeVaries by engineVirtually any size
    Number of tablesDepends on engine256
    PerformanceDepends on storage typeSingle-digit millisecond read/write performance
    Availability & DurabilityMulti-AZ, automatic host replacementMulti-AZ, automatic scale capacity
    BackupsPoint-in-time recoveryContinuous backups, on-demand backups and restore
    ScalabilityAuto-scaling, read replicasHorizontal scaling, instant accommodation of workloads
    SecurityVirtual network, firewall, SSLEncryption at rest using KMS
    EncryptionEncryption using KMSEncryption at rest using KMS
    MaintenanceAutomatic software patching, backups, host replacementAutomatic software patching, backups
    CostBased on instance type, storage, data transferBased on provisioned throughput and storage
    Use casesTransactional systems, BI, content management, e-commerce, gamingHigh-scale, low-latency, IoT, gaming, ad-tech, e-commerce, mobile and web apps, real-time data processing and analytics