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AWS DataSync vs Storage Gateway

Jaiinfoway provides cutting-edge cloud solutions that make data management and transfer easier and more secure. As an AWS Partner, we offer both AWS DataSync and Storage Gateway services to our clients. AWS DataSync provides fast and efficient transfer of large-scale data between on-premises and AWS, while Storage Gateway enables file-based storage between on-premises and AWS. With these two services, our clients can easily move their data to the cloud, backup their on-premises applications, and enjoy near real-time data transfer with end-to-end encryption. Contact us today to learn more about how our AWS DataSync and Storage Gateway services can help you streamline your data management and transfer processes.

Here is a comparison table between AWS DataSync and Storage Gateway, highlighting their use cases, differences, and key features or limitations:

FeatureAWS DataSyncAWS Storage Gateway
Use CaseLarge-scale data transfers, periodic data transfers, multi-VM migrationOn-premises backup and disaster recovery, migration of on-premises applications to AWS
Transfer SpeedFaster, optimized for large-scale data transfersSlower, optimized for file-based storage
SourceOn-premises file systems, AWS S3On-premises applications
TargetAWS S3, EFS, FSx for LustreAWS S3
Transfer ProtocolAgents for block-level transfersNFS or SMB for file-level transfers
CostPay per GB transferred and for agentsPay for storage and data transfer, hourly for gateway usage
LatencyNear real-timeFile-based, depends on network bandwidth
SecurityEnd-to-end encryption, VPC peering optionsIn-transit encryption, VPC endpoint options
ScalabilityAuto-scalingLimited by on-premises infrastructure
LimitationsRequires installation and configuration of agents, limited target optionsLimited performance, network bandwidth affects file-level transfers