Jai Infoway provides enterprise-class implementation solutions that utilize blockchain and adjacent technologies including distributed ledger systems and smart contracts. Jai Infoway has expertise in transforming blockchain business ideas into successful companies.

We work with state of the art blockchain tools and components to deliver high quality, fast, and efficient deployment

Blockchain Development Services

Reliable blockchain solutions from industry experts for a vast array of web and mobile applications.

Jaiinfoway Asset Issuance

Asset Issuance

Create any type of blockchain-native asset - whether it’s an in-game collectible or a SEC compliant security token.
Jaiinfoway smart contract development blockchian solutions

Smart Contracts

Our development team develop and deploy a smart contract blockchain network which is designed for e-commerce, healthcare, finance, supply chain and real estate. This smart contracts software helps in intellectual properties, register loan requests, validate insurance eligibility and credit for international transactions. Automate analog processes using event-triggered logic hard coded into a secure smart contracts
Jaiinfoway Blockchain development

Blockchain Deployment

Integrate flexibility into your blockchain project without sacrificing security by utilizing cutting-edge sidechain technology.
Jaiinfoway hyperledger blockchian solutions


We have carved out our niche in private blockchain development using IBM’s Hyperledger ecosystem. Private blockchains can efficiently segregate various levels of hierarchy within an organization
Jaiinfoway private blockchian solutions

Private Blockchain Development

Develop top-tier private blockchains to streamline the workflow of your business. We can be the most-suited choice for your private blockchain development needs because we employ a highly-secure, private blockchain infrastructure of shared peers.
Jaiinfoway wallet blockchian solutions

Wallet Development

Develop a cryptocurrency wallet that is custom-built to your market needs. We develop robust blockchain wallet application software that holds digital assets and currencies. We build wallet software for many features like multiple cryptocurrency, public and private key and trading blockchain tokens.
Jaiinfoway Cryptocurrency blockchian solutions

Data Anchoring

Leverage the tamper-resistant nature of the blockchain to timestamp and verify sensitive online files.
Jaiinfoway Supplychain blockchian solutions


Use Layer-2 protocols to build micropayment application and unlock new business models.
Jaiinfoway Supplychain blockchian solutions

Multi-signature custody

Utilize multi-sig contracting to activate smart custody and eliminate points of failure from your systems.
Jaiinfoway Trading platform blockchian solutions

Merchant Integration

Plug and play merchant integrations to easily accept cryptocurrency payments at your online or brick and mortar shop.
Jaiinfoway Mobile apps blockchian solutions

Decentralized apps

Create new types of applications that upends the traditional client-server application model. Our blockchain developers build protected, trusted and decentralized applications to avoid fraud, reduce losses, increase local and international trade and many more.

Blockchain Technology Integrations

Blockchain integration expands use of contracts based on business processes and enable all parties to share same business process by the way of contracts. But, this transition cannot be applied in all industries because of the need to have all parties involved in the network to have similar business processes and models. This is the reason blockchain integration can be applied in certain industries where in need for a standardized process like supply chain, healthcare, banking and finance.

Why Jai Infoway Blockchain Development Services

In Jai Infoway, Our developers are the best in the industry. We provide operational support, provenance tracking, ledger sharing, data security and performance testing. We also provide advanced enterprise wide solutions that impact on your operational efficiency, cost saving and revenue.

Hire Blockchain Developers

We are a global custom blockchain development company in usa. We have an expert developers team who are capable in application development, architecture and integration of software. We also support your business solutions to make you secure and transparent.

Our Technology Expertise

  • Android Development
  • jai infoway angularjs services
  • jai infoway neo
  • jai infoway blockchain development
  • jai infoway corda
  • jai infoway EOS
  • jai infoway ethereum
  • jai infoway hhyperledger
  • jai infoway iroha
  • jai infoway sawtooth
  • jai infoway IOS
  • Jai Infoway Iota
  • jai infoway IPFS
  • jai infoway java
  • jai infoway lisk
  • jai infoway monero
  • jai infoway mongoDB
  • jai infoway multichai
  • jai infoway mysql
  • jai infoway QTUM
  • jai infoway coinfirm
  • jai infoway stellar
  • jai infoway react
  • jai infoway ripple
  • jai infoway openchain
  • jai infoway postgresql
  • jai infoway storjio
  • jai infoway node.js development services

We work to advance decentralized web technology using blockchain as a service (BaaS) tools from IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our Portfolio

  • jai infoway p-coin

    Cross Border Payments

    Small South Asian Bank

    Complete cross-border remittances in under two minutes.

    • Low-Cost 50% reduction in transaction costs.
    • Near Real-Time 6-8 seconds average velocity of money.
    • Optional multi-party authorization.
    • Data Rich End-to-end transmission of metadata.
    • Irreversible Verifiable record of every transaction.
  • jai infoway p-invoice

    e-Invoice Management

    Medium Size Manufacturing Company

    Full-fledged invoice management over a blockchain network for faster and more reliable sales processes.

    • Automated and standardized invoice storage across the industry enables companies to be more efficient and make safer business decisions.
    • Blockchain stores only proof that the information exists but uses more traditional data sharing technologies to communicate and protect the actual information for those agents who need it.
    • In e-invoice management, blockchain also:
      • speeds up transaction processing.
      • Substantially eliminates financial fraud.
      • Eliminates financial intermediaries who hold money as part of a contract while the funds flow from one party to another.
  • jai infoway p-chat

    Dispute Management

    Regional Bank

    Integrated Card Network to help merchants and banks manage disputes through blockchain.

    • Card Network handles B2C transactions with blockchains. Suppose a cardholder files a dispute and claims that the merchant charged the incorrect transaction amount. The automated tool knows that Card Network handles transactions with blockchains. There may be no merit to the dispute; the app notifies the merchant on the blockchain.
    • Fortunately, the transaction was conducted through a blockchain-based processor. The app then automatically extracts compelling evidence. Along with the CVV code and other common pieces of evidence, the blockchain extracts the proof of work that verified the transaction.
    • Card Network views this evidence and sees that the merchant adopted blockchains. This transaction is deemed valid, and the dispute is rejected.
  • jai infoway blockchain development

    Enterprise Blockchain Platform – Intelligent Block

    Blockchain Startup

    full-service enterprise blockchain platform.

    • Rapid Hyperledger deployment
    • Visual tools for:
      • Blockchain implementation
      • Business relationship management
      • Blockchain apps development
    • Blockchain solutions for e-learning
  • jai infoway loyalty

    Loyalty management

    Giant Multinational Bank

    • Using blockchain, merchants can directly offer card members a promotion without requiring banks to add rules or customize offers.
    • With predefined service agreements, smart contacts allow banks and merchants to save tremendous overhead in modifying their current application processes.
    • Commissioned 50 nodes with a consortium of 20 organizations.
  • human

    Human Resources and Payroll processing

    Product Based Startup

    • Automated entire human resources recruitment and payroll process in blockchain using a hybrid blockchain, as some information needed to be public and other private.
    • Commissioned 10 nodes with 1 organization and 5 consulting companies in the same network.
  • jai infoway logistics development

    Logistics Management

    Logistic Startup

    • Freight industry automation using blockchain.
    • Automated bill of lading with respect to service contracts.
    • Eliminated delayed payments using Hyperledger solutions.
  • jai infoway flask

    iLab - Lab Management System

    Medium size Medical Laboratory.

    • Clinical Lab Management solution over blockchain.
    • Hospitals or clinics can connect with blockchain application to place service orders for patients .
    • Clinical tests can be forwarded to third party labs and test results can be received back.
    • Permissioned blockchain applicaiton gives powerful role based information management.

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