ansible and puppet

Ansible vs Puppet

Difference between ansible vs puppet by jaiinfoway
Difference between ansible vs puppet by jaiinfoway
Ansible vs Puppet by jai infoway
Ansible vs Puppet by jai infoway

DevOps Engineers are managing multiple servers with more applications than ever before. To handle highly complex tasks, dozens of Configuration Management (CM) tools are introduced and the two most popular ones include Ansible and Puppet. So in this article, we will discuss the difference between Ansible Vs Puppet.

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Difference Between Ansible VS Puppet

Year of Introduce

The Puppet was introduced in 2005 & Ansible was introduced in 2012.


Ansible is written in Python and it uses YAML syntax whereas Puppet is written in Ruby and it uses its declarative language.


In ansible, Graphical User Interface is less interactive than Puppet, whereas in puppet Graphical User Interface is more interactive than Ansible.


Ansible Galaxy is the repository of Ansible whereas Puppet forge is the repository of the puppet.

Error and Failure Handling:

In ansible, there will be no notification to the admin regarding any syntax failure until the task runs whereas in Puppet the error gets highlighted before the task runs and it makes it easier for the admin to do the modifications.

Management and Scheduling:

In Ansible, the server pushes configurations to nodes for quick deployment while In Puppet, the client pulls configurations from the server.

Setting up and Usage:

In Ansible, tt has a master and there are no agents that run on the client machine for Ansible and uses YAML syntax to write configurations whereas in Puppet it is very easy to install and use & it uses a client-server architecture.


Ansible and Puppet both the tools are excellent in their own ways for different reasons. If you have any business reason then you can make a choice of ansible as it is good for small and easy deployments while Puppet is often used for more complex or longer deployments.

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