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Importance of Blockchain in the Healthcare Industry

How Blockchain can revive Healthcare Industry

The scope of medicine and healthcare has always been through dynamic evolution. However, as standards and consumers grow exponentially, healthcare services often tend to remain stagnant, thus sabotaging free workflow and service hierarchy. Various areas of medical management like administration, drug forgery, patient record handling, and clinical tests occupy a greater portion of the annual…

Medical Inventions that Have Inversely Affected Healthcare

9 Medical Inventions that Have Inversely Affected Healthcare

Technology is integral in any vertical or industry but with sustainable technological implementation in healthcare, there have been many reported drawbacks causing substantial disruption of the cycle. Technologies like big data and AI have introduced patients and doctors with easy means of communication but the in-depth gravity with which the whole system has been impacted…

HIE Medical

Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) in Reducing Healthcare Fraud

One of the most common fraud essentials in the United States is in the circle of healthcare which is directly affecting taxpayers that in-turn is making funding prospects for health programs and hospitals strenuous. The problem has substantialized into such heights that between 2014–17, investigations led by the United States Federal Government recovered an estimated…


GCP Google case study: Singapore Based Healthcare Solution provider

About Client ($100 Million revenue, Based in Singapore and serving 1000 clients via its healthcare products ) Client has started with an innovative mission where they want to build a nation that consists of sustainable healthcare. It’s been over 20 years that this organization is offering a positive pregnancy, infant care and parenting experience with…

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