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Best Golang Web Frameworks For Programmers in 2021

Best Golang Web Frameworks For Programmers in 2021 by Jai Infoway
Best Golang Web Frameworks For Programmers in 2021 by Jai Infoway
Best Golang Web Frameworks For Programmers in 2021 by Jai Infoway
Best Golang Web Frameworks For Programmers in 2021 by Jai Infoway

What is Golang or GO?

Golang, also known as Go, is a popular open-source programming language created by Google. It helps developers in the development of dependable, competent, and simple applications. These frameworks help developers avoid spending a lot of time coding an app from scratch while creating larger applications.

Why Use the Go Language for Your Project?

  • Spend less time and money to develop an app by using Go.
  • It can produce a single executable code that can be deployed by just copying.
  • Go offers inbuilt testing and profiling tool to help you test the application easily and efficiently.
  • The risk of a Go app crashing due to lack of memory is lower.

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Most Popular Golang frameworks For Web Development

  • Gin Gonic: Gin Gonic is a popular Golang web application framework developed by Google. It is a minimalistic framework. The gin platform is well-known for creating REST APIs for single-page apps backends. It uses an HTTP router for quick app development.
  • Gorilla: Among the Golang frameworks, it is the most common and has the largest community. Net/HTTP helps you to reuse elements, which saves you a lot of time. It has scalability because of its modularity.
  • Martini: Martini is more of an ecosystem than a framework, so it can be easily integrated with third-party support while remaining lightweight. It is highly readable and understandable by anyone.
  • Goji: Goji is a lightweight and quick Golang Framework for Web Development that is the perfect combination of usability and composing abilities. it has a minimalistic HTTP request multiplexer.
  • Buffalo: Buffalo is faster than any other platform at developing web applications. It allows for database migration. It is responsible for everything, from front-end to back-end, initiation to execution.
  • Revel: It comes with all of the requisite features out of the box, removing the need for third-party plugins. Regardless of the multifaceted mission, Revel is the one-stop solution for building APIs.
  • Gocraft: Gocraft is a simple but powerful framework for routing that is both fast and scalable. With in-built middleware, mobile app developers have easy access to add more features to their apps.

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