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Where Should Zero-Knowledge Proof Be Used in a Blockchain System?

What is Zero-Knowledge Proof & its Role in the Blockchain World?

What is Zero-Knowledge Proof? Zero-Knowledge Encryption ensures that no one can access your encrypted data except you (not even the service provider or blockchain app development agency). A ‘verifier’ and a ‘prover’ are given to each transaction. The prover attempts to prove something to the verifier using ZKPs without informing the verifier of anything else…

Jai Infoway Custom Blockchain Development Services

Jai Infoway Custom Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Development Services Blockchain development services attempt to create decentralized blockchain networks that enable the creation of new business models and increased data and transaction traceability for businesses. Services for blockchain development that help in the streamlining of business processes. From smart contracts to dApps and DAOs, Jai Infoway provides end-to-end blockchain software and application…

Top 5 Blockchain Protocol That You Should Know

Top 5 Blockchain Protocol That You Should Know

What Is a Blockchain Protocol? Protocols are critical components of Blockchain technologies that enable information to be shared automatically, safely, and efficiently across cryptocurrency networks. A protocol is a code block that serves as the foundation for networking and security. Blockchain protocol knows as enterprise protocols govern different parts of blockchain technology. The responsibility of…

Differences between the Tangle and blockchain

Differences between the Tangle and blockchain

What is Blockchain Blockchain is a ledger of transactions that is secured using cryptography It supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum. Blockchain allows the creation of decentralized applications. What is Tangle Tangle is a technology that is used for cryptocurrency transactions like Blockchain. It supports IOTA(Internet of Things Application). The Tangle data structure is a…

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