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Reason Why Businesses Should Use Azure Web Apps

Reason Why Businesses Should Use Azure Web Apps.

What is Microsoft Azure? Cloud computing simply refers to the use of the internet to provide computing resources such as servers, databases, applications, networking, storage, and analytics. Using the cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, businesses can build new applications and services, host, store data, perform backup and data recovery, and deliver software on demand, etc….

Some common DevOps myths by Jai Infoway

Some common DevOps myths

Some common myths about DevOps There are plenty of DevOps myths circulating the developers’ community. When done properly, the DevOps approach can deliver a massive positive impact on businesses. But there are many Misconceptions or Myths about DevOps. Today Jai Infoway will discuss some common myths about DevOps. DevOps can lower costs, boost efficiency, and…

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