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Jai Infoway is providing on-demand software solutions, we work on several technology – Devops Development, Blockchain, python, react native, node.js and many more.

cloud mining

Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining:A New Approach to Cryptocurrency Business Cloud mining offers a mechanism to mine a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin without having to install all the hardware. Cloud mining is mining cryptocurrency without buying your own equipment, using rented equipment that may be located on another continent. Users don’t have to deal with the issue of…

smart contract

Smart Contracts: A Simple Guide to Get Started

Smart Contracts in Blockchain What is Smart Contract Jaiinfoway tells you what is smart contract and RSK. Bitcoin allows smart contracts. RSK, an open-source platform hosting smart contracts for the Bitcoin Network which is to those first implemented by Ethereum. Smart contracts are automated contracts. They are self-executing with specific instructions written on its code,…

Waterfall to Agile Software Development

A Three-Dimensional Framework: Transformation Guidelines Despite the differences in factors like processes, practices, mentality, scale and maturity between software companies we attempt to provide a minimal framework for guidance. Three categories can be identified, namely, structure, mentality, and processes, and they may provide a basis for generating a transformation recipe. Structure Centralized or decentralized, flat…

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