How to start implementing innovations in your company?

How to start implementing innovations in your company?

Want to grow your business or want something new and innovative which can help to boost your colleagues and superiors with excitement and make competitors jealous. If you are thinking the same then Jaiinfoway will help you. You are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss how you can start implementing innovation in your company.

Process optimization a source of internal innovation

Nowadays, processes are excessively complicated or difficult, mainly due to constant changes. You have faced some of the problems like some documents are missing and you have to log into various systems, sometimes the data goes to the wrong people, etc.
This situation causes inefficiencies and frustration for employees and lower-level managers.

Therefore, in addition to innovative services for new customers on the sales side, process optimization and digital solutions should also be introduced for the internal customer as well as for existing customers.

Where to start optimization in the company?

First, you need to decide whether you have sufficient resources, knowledge, and time to conduct the process mapping yourself.
If so, it is necessary to create a team whose main tasks will be going through a given business process or several related processes, creating a graphic representation of the entire workflow and marking all stages and actions.

After the initial map of the process, you can often already see the inefficiencies. It is easier to make decisions about what you can do.

If you want an external analysis, it is good to cooperate with a company that also provides development services.

What to consider when digitizing processes?

Digitizing means converting (pictures or sound) into a digital form that can be processed by a computer.

Things to consider when you are digitizing processes are:

  • The use of data. Are we only collecting necessary data or is it redundant or insufficient for further contract/order processing?
  • The quality of data. Is the data validated, secure, and controlled according to company policy?
  • The number of control checks. Is each check necessary, does it not involve comparing the same data packages with each other, or is it not followed by a change of data?
  • Process touchpoints. Does one process delay the other, and if so, what could be the cause? For example, one process is digitized and the other is not.
  • Loops and return arrows. Why do some actions repeatedly take place several times or need to be checked or authorized again? Why isn’t the flow smooth?
  • The location of the process. Should a given process take place in a given department or maybe it should be moved to another place or take place at a different time?
  • The rationale of the process. Is a given process necessary or hasn’t it become outdated as a result of a change in the operating model or business environment?
  • The repetitiveness of work. Are there points in the process that require employees to perform the same activities? Those are most easily optimized and digitized.
  • Hot spots. Why do employees mention conflicts in a given process? Are they not due to the poor design of the document flow, too long waits for the final result, or, simply, aren’t too tiring?
  • The systems in use. Is it not necessary to repeatedly log into the systems, manually enter or transfer data between systems or perform tedious exports/imports throughout the process?

Sometimes small shifts in the process are enough, and at other times it is necessary to create a whole application that will improve our work.
It is important to define the problem well and adjust the type and scope of implemented changes to it.

I hope you get what is digital transformation and how you can start in your company as soon as possible and will be carried out according to the best practices.

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