How We Cut Our Docker Push Time

How We Cut Our Docker Push Time

We’ve put a lot of engineering effort into supporting all of the Docker Compose fields commonly used during local development, such as volumes, ports, and build.

How We Cut Our Docker Push Time
How We Cut Our Docker Push Time
How We Cut Our Docker Push Time
How We Cut Our Docker Push Time
  • Images Are Layers
  • The Initial Optimization Idea
  • The Docker Push API
  • Simple Layer Caching
  • Cross Repository Mounts
  • Optimizing Blimp
  • Initial Design
  • Revised Design
  • Conclusion

It’s common for developers to think of Docker images like operating system images or ISOs – a static snapshot of a filesystem that represents the container. Really though, Docker images are quite a bit more sophisticated than that.

The good news is that out of the box, Docker only pushes the layers that don’t already exist in the registry. Each layer has a digest, which represents the contents of the layer.

Docker pushes images in two parts: first it uploads the layers described above. Then, once all the layers are uploaded, it uploads the signed manifest, which references the layers to pull them together into a cohesive image.

Each layer upload starts with a HEAD request that checks whether the layer already exists in the registry.

push is making use of cross repository mounts, which is a cool feature to cache layers across multiple images.

we want to make moving your development environment to the cloud as seamless as possible. One of our design principles is that the move should use the exact same config, and not require any changes to your workflow.

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