Industry-Standard Web Development Techniques for Angular

Industry-Standard Web Development Techniques for Angular

What is the fundamental difference between Angular and other pre-MVC frameworks like jQuery? The obvious answer is, the features of Angular makes it extremely attractive and differentiates it as a top-notch frontend framework in the age of highly interactive web apps.

Industry-Standard Web Development Techniques for Angular
Industry-Standard Web Development Techniques for Angular
Industry-Standard Web Development Techniques for Angular
Industry-Standard Web Development Techniques for Angular

Using Angular CLI for Structured Folder

Angular Command-Line Interface (CLI) helps you not only to create an application but also to test, scaffold, and deploy it. It creates a workspace folder and generates a structure for the application.

The purpose of this is to decrease Javascript fatigue and be able to customize the application development environment. You can use this interface to create an initial-level structure for the application. You can also locate multiple modules in one place while still adding n number of modules and features at any time using Angular CLI. More importantly, the best benefit of using Angular CLI in your development environment is that you can add new developers to the team at any point without any setback.It’d be much easier for them to understand the folder structure and app flow using Angular CLI. Ultimately, it saves your hours when it comes to explaining the project to your extended teams.

Angular Routing Best Practices

The idea behind routing is to hide or display components as and when the user might need them. It eliminates frequent trips to the server by making components available upon requirement.  

Angular applications- especially while conceptualizing large-scale apps- are often disorganized at some parts of the app modules. It happens because of the lousy routing practices in programming. Improving upon this – allows for a better pattern of displaying and hiding components and modules and results in an up vote for the user experience. 

The best practices in routing are :

  • Creating module wise routes 
  • Routing with lazy loading 
  • Lazy loading routes with Preload 
  • Organizing routes guards

 Explore this blog post on Routing Fundamentals and Configurations in Angular for more details.

Defining a Highly Scalable Folder Structure

Defining a highly scalable folder structure is recommended when you aim to build a scalable Angular app. I would suggest you practice a folder structure that is fit for all real-world examples with progressive addition of cases with time if not at the initial phase.

It involves creating the folder structure that sticks to designated folders for components and pages. You can do it by assigning specific services to the core module (root module) such as singleton services, which include one instance per application.

Hence, the root module contains single instance services, unlike the shared modules where components and services are shared between two different modules of the application.

Using Clean-Code Practice to Easily

Locate Files and Code Structures

Angular has evolved to become one of the most demanding frameworks in the Javascript-based web applications. It has several out-of-the-box features that help in building web apps with clean-code architecture. And this is the reason/factor behind the framework’s compelling command over building highly scalable applications.

This practice is about keeping the code readable at most places, having a consistent code structure for easy management and maintenance, writing small functions, and maintaining consistent and relevant naming to the file names.

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