latest trends 2020-2021

Latest Trends in Big Data Analytics for 2020-2021

Latest Trends in Big Data Analytics for 2020-2021
Latest Trends in Big Data Analytics for 2020-2021
Data Science trends for 2020 -2021
Data Science trends for 2020 -2021

Big Data & Data Science

Technology is always evolving and becoming better with time. In the upcoming years, there will be massive growth in the AI and Machine Learning field.

To keep you up-to-date with the trends in data science, Jai Infoway have created a list of top data science trends that are set to push your business to achieve great success.

Data Science trends for 2020 -2021

Data as service: Data as a service uses cloud technology to give users and applications with on-demand access to information without depending on where the users or applications may be. It is one of the current trends in big data analytics. Data as a Service is like Software as a help, Infrastructure as assistance, Platform as a help.

In-memory computing: It means data is stored in a new memory tier that is situated between NAND flash memory and dynamic random-access memory. This provides a much faster memory that can support high-performance workloads for advanced data analytics in companies.

Augmented analytics: It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance data analytics by finding a new method of creating, developing, and sharing data analytics. Many business clients prefer augmented analytics over traditional analytics to reduce human errors and bias.

Edge Computing: It is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed.

It provides a boost to Data Streaming, including real-time data Streaming and processing without containing latency.

Dark Data: It is the data that a company does not use in any analytical system. The data is gathered from several network operations that are not used to determine insights or for prediction.

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