managing kubernets reaources

Managing Kubernetes Resources: Key things to Known

Kubernetes Service by Jai Infoway
Kubernetes Service by Jai Infoway
Managing Kubernetes resources: 5 key things to know by Jai Infoway
Managing Kubernetes resources: 5 key things to know by Jai Infoway


“Kubernetes or K8s is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.”

The core function of Kubernetes is resource scheduling.

Kubernetes has only two built-in manageable resources: CPU and memory. CPU base units are cores, and memory is specified in bytes.These two resources play a critical role in how the scheduler allocates pods to nodes.

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While managing Kubernetes resources the 5 important key to remember and know are as follows:

Managing Kubernetes resources: 5 key things to know

  • Use namespaces and resource quotas: When you use namespaces in multi-application, multi-user environments use of Kubernetes’ native resource quotas feature to ensure things are properly allocated among the applications and teams assigned to those namespaces.
  • Use of limit ranges: It defined by a Limit Range object, provides constraints that can Enforce minimum and maximum compute resources usage per Pod or Container in a namespace.
  • Set network policies: It allows an option to set Network Policies that can help specify how the various pods scheduled on the cluster can communicate with each other and other endpoints on the same cluster.
  • API objects and monitoring: A large number of unused API objects can slow down the cluster’s performance so while using Kubernetes APIs directly, be sure to automate the cleanup of API objects & automate it.
  • Resources in an auto-scaling environment: If the pods are allowed to scale up horizontally or vertically while the cluster is expanding, it may result in evicting other pods when it’s scaling down. To mitigate this issue, there are two main concepts available in Kubernetes: Pod Priority and Pod Disruption Budget.

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