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Hire Node.js Developer for Building Your Next Application

Developers use Node.js applications to write command-line tools and server-side scripts using JavaScript. Enterprises are heavily considering hiring a Node.js developer for cross-platform development. You can use Nodejs for backend servers, API development, micro-services, automation, and scripting. Features of Node.js: Better performance as it uses a single-threaded architecture with event looping, which makes it much more…

hyperledger fabric

Why Hyperledger Fabric users should use Blockchain Platform

Blockchain has the ability to fully transform the industry, and we are already seeing this. In this article, Jai Infoway will discuss Hyperledger Fabric, a blockchain framework for Hyperledger blockchain development. The Linux Foundation manages the Hyperledger blockchain platform. It’s one of the most reliable permissioned, general-purpose, and enterprise-ready blockchain development platforms available. The fabric…

reason why business should use azure

Reason Why Businesses Should Use Azure Web Apps.

What is Microsoft Azure? Cloud computing simply refers to the use of the internet to provide computing resources such as servers, databases, applications, networking, storage, and analytics. Using the cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, businesses can build new applications and services, host, store data, perform backup and data recovery, and deliver software on demand, etc….

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