What is Progressive Web App and benefits for Startup?

What is Progressive Web App and benefits for Startup?

What is Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps or PWAs are becoming popular with each passing day. PWA is a website that looks and behaves like a mobile app. It’s a website that has the appearance and functionality of a mobile app. PWAs can send push notifications, access a mobile device’s hardware, and even work offline or with a weak connection.

A progressive web application (PWA) is a kind of web-based application that is built with common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.- Wikipedia.

Features of Progressive Web App:

  • A user gets experience similar to the native app.
  • Easy to install, use and share
  • It is more secure.
  • It also Works Offline
  • Regular and transparent updates
  • Easily recognizable by search engines

Benefits of Progressive Web App Development for Startup Business

Faster Development:

You must go through a full development cycle, many version revisions, and extensive testing to create a well-developed app. You can deploy PWAs faster, add features later, and give your users a reliable and safe experience. It can also be accessed using your device’s web browser.

Higher User Engagement:

Because of their ease of use, speed of access, and frequency of use, PWAs are a better way to engage your users. This allows users to quickly build PWAs and access them from anywhere at any time. As an outcome, a wider audience is comfortable using these apps, and global reach is increased.


When compared to developing a mobile or web application, the costs of creating a PWA are significantly lower. It eliminates app store reductions and costs and allows for the development of a single app for all platforms.

Instead of investing time in the lengthy process of app development, start-ups can benefit from lower investment costs throughout the development process and a faster time to market.

No Update:

PWAs offer a unique feature that allows them to update themselves without having to alert users or disturb them with permission requests. These apps update themselves whenever users visit them, eliminating the need to download and apply bulk changes. Unlike the native app, you do not need to update this in the background. This also means that the update process is fast.


PWAs are built with HTTPS good security. Encrypting and securing all communication between the server and the user’s device. They’re hosted on secure online servers and may be used on various devices, even if the Internet connection is slow.

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