Should You Adopt a decentralized network

Should You Adopt a decentralized network?

Should You Adopt a decentralized network?
Should You Adopt a decentralized network?
Should You Adopt a decentralized network?
Should You Adopt a decentralized network?

What is a decentralized network?

A Decentralized network has several peer-to-peer user groups wherein each group has its separate server that stores data and information relevant to only that particular group.

The information never passes through a single server, a decentralized network is highly secure.

When you decentralize the network, you have any given website or network service spread across those nodes. Thus, no single server can act as the sole proprietor of the data. With this model, that same content information can be accessed from any of the given nodes.

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Should you adopt a Decentralized network?

Now, you are thinking about whether you should adopt a decentralized blockchain network or not. There are a couple of very easy answers to this question.

  • Reliability: Decentralization makes IT networks more resilient. As all departments maintain individual servers, one department’s server can function as a backup server for another department during a network failure.
  • Faster response: As departments in decentralized organizations can make independent decisions, it’s easier for them to leverage new technology which helps the organization grows.
  • Privacy: As data is passing through numerous, random points hacker can not breaks networks which help the organization to secure data.
  • Cost-effective: Requires less infrastructure support, making it an affordable network.
  • Third-Party Involvement: Transactions do not incur middleman costs & no 3rd party is involved.

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