Build, Test, and Release In Cloud, On premise or Hybrid infrastructure with Jai Infoway Devops services

Jai Infoway DevOps Services

Our DevOps services accelerate and increase the value of your organization and also help in the integration, deployment, and migration of your DevOps application on the cloud. We have technical proficiency in DevOps that allows us to manage infrastructure and migrate complex applications.

DevOps is designed to align development and operation to deliver the best quality software services or automate and streamline the processes in a cross-functional environment in the business.

Over the last few years, delivery and operations has shifted from Monolithic, project-based system to more Agile with continuous and automated process

DevOps i.e. continuous Integration and deployment, leading software engineering trend, makes this shift possible by bringing business, development and operation in a more integrated manner.Our clients deliver faster , efficiently and saves huge amount in Opex cost with out of box Devops services.


Migrating from On-premise to Cloud

By offloading DevOps, testing, and CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous delivery) into the cloud, we help in unlocking the most agility possible for development ecosystem


Automated Deployment and Testing

Automating the deployment process makes organizations more efficient and agile while reducing overall production time and the associated risk.


Migration to Containerization and microservices

We enable developers to work with identical development environments and stacks with 1/10th of cost with microservices architecture


DevOps Assessment

Jai Infoways consulting services assess clients DevOps implementations, audit your existing Process, pipeline, list redundant tasks and identify the right approach. We help clients in their IT infrastructure, analyze key points, important actionable plans, and fulfill the recommended tools for your business and their complete devops journey.

Cloud services

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AWS Amazon Cloud Services

End to end AWS cloud services Including AWS Managed Blockchain, AWS QLDB, Serverless computing, Containers, Storages with IAM ,security and compliance expertise
Jaiinfoway smart contract development blockchian solutions

GCS Google Cloud Services

End to end GCS services including commissioning and managing applications in GKE google kubernetes cluster, Managed IStio, GKE Serverless, Cloud Build a CI/CD platform
Jaiinfoway Blockchain development

Azure Cloud Services

Our Azure services includes Azure blockchain workbench, Cosmos DB support , security and compliance

Kubernettes and Docker as a Service

Jaiinfoway hyperledger blockchian solutions

Multi-Cloud Portability

Jai Infoway makes Kubernetes interoperable with external services such as databases, VMs, legacy applications, serverless workloads enabling end-to-end automation across platforms.With our fully managed Kubernetes service, you’ll get improved application portability across clouds and internal environments
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Manage Software, Not Infrastructure

Jai Infoway Pvt. Ltd. helps to build a hybrid application which will run in a multi-cloud environment. We simplify instantiation and lifecycle management of containers using kubernetes.Decouple software from the underlying infrastructure stack.
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Kubernetes in cloud

We will design and set up you existing application in kubernette cluster according to your individual business needs including choice of infrastructure, types of workloads, scale and monitoring systems. We will run and maintain the system for you 24/7 with enterprise grade SLA.
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Docker services

Jai Infoway docker services ships code more faster .Docker containerized applications make easy to deploy, identify issues, and roll back. Docker helps Build , ,ship distributed applications with code and infrastructure
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Docker and kubernetes containers are a key enabling technology for microservices, providing a lightweight encapsulation of each component which is easier to maintain and update. Jai Infoway Simplify Delivery and Management of Microservices using Devops tools.
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Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment

DevOps developers help to efficiently integrate into a dynamic environment, validate the functionality of the task through continuous automated testing. TomeLock DevOps services helps organizations with intelligence, automation for Continuous Delivery . We helps clients in release orchestration, managing end-to-end DevOps chain with Tools expertise including Jenkins,Docker , Kubernetes ,Gitlab, Github ,Ansible , Terraform etc.

Our Technology Expertise

  • android
  • angular
  • neo
  • bigchain
  • corda
  • eos
  • etherum
  • hyperledger
  • iroha
  • sawtooth
  • IOS
  • Iota
  • ipfs
  • java
  • lisk
  • monero
  • mongodb
  • multichain
  • mysql
  • qtum
  • coinfirm></a>
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  • react
  • ripplr
  • openchain
  • postgresql
  • storjio
  • nodejs

We work to advance decentralized web technology using blockchain as a service (BaaS) tools from IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Benefits of DevOps Services for a Startup

  • Faster product development
  • Stable operating environment
  • Security
  • Use cloud infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring, integration, and deployment
  • Smooth integration of business process
  • Decrease project costs
  • Decrease downtime and failure
  • Continuous product delivery
  • Higher developer productivity
  • Innovative development cycle
  • Accelerate product time to market

Why Choose Jai Infoway for your Devops requirement

Jai Infoway is one of the top leading DevOps consulting service provider companies in the USA, that offer agile software development services. We develop cost-effective products and affordable operations management. Providing cloud-native technology at a low cost. We also help you to get your application faster to market and level up your business.

Our team is available 24*7 to fulfill your requirements and achieve your business through high-quality products.

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