Collaborative and Faster Dispute Management :
Resolution in Seconds, not Days.

Our platform provides the ability for partners to share transactional logs and automate the most common dispute resolution processes.

Automation via Smart Contracts

  • Simple and quick onboarding
  • Seamless automation of transactions
  • Timestamped evidence for disputes

Cryptographically Secure

  • Immutable to data tampering
  • Real-time validation utilizing smart contracts
  • Traceable audit trail of customer lifecycle

Transparency through distributed decentralized

Utilize ledger for:
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Servicing
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Fraud Prevention
Current Painful, Non Transparent and Time consuming Disputes Resolution
Our Innovative , Smart contract , Transparent , Blockchain based Smart Dispute resolution process


Our solution makes it possible

For merchants to plug-in various billing solutions to enable acceptance of cryptocurrencies directly, replacing credit card companies and other billing processors.

To provide customers with a comprehensive and flexible billing solution, addressing all common billing practices, including recurring payments and pay-per-use, as well as providing flexible and immediate refunds.

To eliminate the risks of fraud, chargebacks and associated fines.

To avoid the whopping middlemen transaction fees ranging from ~3% to as high as ~15%.

Features of the Network

Transaction gets registered in the shared ledger, when the customer makes a purchase from the Merchant

The Transaction activates a smart contract involving the Card Issuer, Merchant Bank and Credit Card Network

As all the participants are part of a shared ledger, the transactions are created by consensus from all the participants of the network

A shared ledger eliminates the issue of double spending, eliminating the possibility of a customer being charged twice

Distributed ledger technology ensures a safe and secure payment because the network cannot be hacked to create an unauthorized transaction

Smart contracts enables the payment from the customer only when the product ordered has reached the customer

Customer verifies the product delivered, payment is then initiated from the card issuer to the Merchant bank

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