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GCP Google case study: Singapore Based Healthcare Solution provider

About Client ($100 Million revenue, Based in Singapore and serving 1000 clients via its healthcare products )

Client has started with an innovative mission where they want to build a nation that consists of sustainable healthcare. It’s been over 20 years that this organization is offering a positive pregnancy, infant care and parenting experience with its innovative healthcare solutions.

It has now collected response from around three and a half million people, all are from the native countries. The Health Intelligence Unit is, therefore, ready to generate all sorts of perfect insights about the providers. Also, they are on the way to make their services better for future reference and working towards creating an exclusively new management system that can bid goodbye to the health risks by understanding the associated clinical requirements. In the past years, this organization has successfully bagged loads of awards for engaging people with their comprehensive care management system.

Challenges faced by the organization

A recent study has presented that most of the developed countries are still suffering from the healthcare cost-related issues which are growing day by day. This expense has now risen twice the rate of the consumer products. Client wished to buy a change to this system where they can refurbish the healthcare delivery process. And therefore, a new payment model was set.

Conventionally, the healthcare providers are engaged with such an option where they are offered with a fee. This fee is provided by the insurer in terms of delivering a particular service. Well, this idea didn’t work as it’s not ready to incentivize the healthcare providers for delivering their part of services. This may give flame to duplicate services and as a result, a lack of concentration on the patients can be noticed.

Also, a trial process was run where client can introduce a value-based care model. Here, the providers are instructed to offer coordinated healthcare assistance which would have a focus on preventing illness rather than curing it. A predefined outcome measurement would have been taken for the patients.

Small-Scale research work was established where it focused on the individuals who might face significant health deterioration within the upcoming year. This procedure asked those individuals about their healthcare requirements and also instructed the doctors to stay in touch with these patients in particular. According to the CEO of client organization, this research showcased a possibility as they found less hospitalization count and lower healthcare cost associated with the treatment. But the CEO stated that this could be done only with small-scale individuals and it might not give preferred outcome in the large-scale sector.

Why Choosing GCP?

Client worked more on their strategies and they tried to scale it up with a better solution. The experts worked long to get a way-out where they can benefit both the patients and healthcare. Hence, they gave their best effort to create a certain system through which the required data between the patient and the provider could be shared. This latest system was tried to upgrade to the industry standard to avoid flaws. The interfaced was developed with the existing healthcare systems so that it can ensure that the data is perfectly getting shared amongst the sender and the receiver. Now, they wanted to build an underlying infrastructure that helps them rolling the process out as quick as possible. This infrastructure should use the standard existing framework. GCP was no doubt the first choice that could offer the perfect portfolio with exact depth. The latest application was designed so that the healthcare houses can get proper access through a web portal. This process is based on a GCP reference architecture.

Benefits availed!

Right after the pilot phase between 2016 and 2017, Client is interested to unveil its EHR system in 2018 in front of the population of more than 3½ million patients. Jaiinfoway/GCP is here to offer a secure service which is scalable yet interoperable.

According to the professionals, the EHR system is thereby receiving the most impressive response. Jaiinfoway/GCP has helped them launching the latest application within a short timeframe. It has offered an extended form that can be connected to the cloud and enable this application to integrate proper information from the varied sources. Moreover, they don’t have to incur the upfront costs as well!

A compliant and secured environment is, of course, one of the vital factors in the healthcare IT industry. The professionals are maintaining confidential files with ultimate privacy. It is assured by the experts that if they follow the best practices, then they can ensure that the information offered by the patients are safe.

Additionally, the providers can now utilize the EHR as well as they can also follow the instructions laid out by client for delivering coordinated care along with better outcomes.

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