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Healthcare interoperability: How cloud computing can make difference

Invest in Healthcare Interoperability — Create a Better World

Patients suffering from fatal diseases may face a difficult journey for the underdeveloped healthcare system. They may have to visit different doctors or clinics to get the tests done within the right time. Well, if each of the interactions is kept recorded in a single place, then the work for the doctors will be easier, even the patients will sigh relief. So, it’s time for every healthcare operators to check with the critical data of the patients and create an advanced interoperability access system across the health clinic.

The stakeholders from all across the healthcare industry will be therefore provided with the perfect pieces of data. Also, the exchange of each data will be generated at the right time to the right place. This phase of digitization is indeed an increased part of patient safety and security. It further cuts down the healthcare costs as well as improve the coordination inside the care.

Though this goal is intuitive, the care authority has showcased slower progress in terms of establishing the exact interoperability. This system does not only include generating data to the right part of the care but also involve the syntactic and semantic interoperability. It ensures the crucial data of the patients will be shared through the system which will be coded in a common language by retaining its proper meaning.

A study has stated that till 2015 half of the US healthcare is unable to get the patient information electronically. Even if they find it, they cannot integrate the data as per the requirements. Well, Jai infoway has taken an initiative to proceed with this new thought process where the team of professionals are trying their best to create a real-time management system. The experts here offer the care with an advanced solution that helps in reaching the right data to the right specialized person within the perfect timeframe. The stages as described in their website involve 4 primary works and they are — automation via smart contracts, cryptographically secure, real-time patient history and near-zero reconciliation cost.

However, the stakeholders should be provided with a clearer yet comprehensive data of the patients. And surprisingly, Amazon Web Services are offering all sorts of possibilities with their cloud-based data system. The healthcare competency partners verified by Amazon Web Services have appeared with a good track record. They have mastered in storing, transmitting as well as analyzing the clinical data. The organizations also have the option to customize new tools in the existing system. This tailored-made interoperability solution is, therefore, serving with loads of benefits both to the patients and the entire healthcare family. The AWS approved health systems are allowed to break down the data silos so that it can create a single pane of glass. It helps the care team to view the complete history of the patients.

Advanced phase of interoperability:

Not only on data interoperability but AWS is here to take a broader approach to make the system better. As discussed earlier, it’s now focusing on both semantic and syntactic approach. The first terms denote the transferred version of data and the second one ensures the utilization of a common data language so that it can be properly interpreted.

For example, such innovation can assure that if a patient is prescribed with a lot of tests, then it can show whether the patient has gone through all the stages in a particular order and if these tests are making a progress in their health condition. Amazon Comprehend Medical is a service known for the natural language processing unit that helps the organization extracting the right information from the unstructured text in the local language.

The faster these healthcare organizations adopt cloud-based services, the better they develop. Health Level 7 International (HL7) has made things easier with liberating as well as sharing data with the development of FHIR which is known as the standard protocol in terms of exchanging the health data. The improvements of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources have come up with some out-of-the-box interoperability solutions where you can expect a faster yet simpler implementation of the system.

Tailored-made solutions with perfect API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway allows the developers to build, publish and monitor the API easily and securely at any stage. Some customers use this Gateway so that the organizations get proper data shared through the program. These accessible lab results have helped the doctors avoiding duplicate testing as they easily get to know the proper state of the patient’s health. The interoperability services of Change Healthcare also helps the patients to access their medical records which are aided in the form of retrieved document.

Cloud-based services offer better insights

Almost 80% of the information in patient’s data comes in the form of an unstructured data which is of no use to the patient care. So, the information must be standardized as well as transformed in a normalized version so that the data can be provided in a simple language which is understood by both the care and the patients. Amazon Comprehend Medical is, therefore, the best solutions that easily translate the unusable data into a simple language. Machine learning is also an added advantage for this data transformation process as it helps the organizations to get a better insight of the described information.

PHI- a safer version to comprehend data

Sharing data all across the healthcare is raising the question of security of the information provided by the patients. However, the process of storing, publishing and monitoring data in cloud-based services is considered to be safer. Stringent security controls that involve HITECH, as well as SOC certifications, is known as the shared resources which are accessible by everyone who stores information in the cloud.

Over than 1, 900 latest features are therefore introduced by AWS in the last year and this wonderful innovation can never be matched by local healthcare organizations. infoway is also taking a step forward to meet your healthcare needs in a customizable way.

Achieve the best interoperability

Today, almost every healthcare organization is looking forward to getting registered with the best cloud-based system so that they can skip the inappropriate services. However, one-size-fits-all service can not alone provide a solution to every healthcare house. They need to install something that comes in a large-scale system. It will help them store their next level interoperability in a customized form. These goals are no doubt achievable by the healthcare organizations that have partnered with AWS. Those organizations that have already moved to cloud-based software are shifting from the system-centric view to the patient-centric one. This meaningful improvement in care houses is expected to offer a better outcome.

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