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Right Data To The Right Doctor At Right Time

Automation via Smart Contracts

Simple onboarding.

Seamless  transactions.

Timestamped evidence.


Data tampering.

Real-time validation.

Traceable audit trail. 

Real-time Patient

Disputes Resolution.

Customer Servicing.

Compliance Reporting.

Near-zero Reconciliation cost

Verifiable Audit Trial

Real-time view

Fraud prevention.

The system will work in the following fashion.
Business Value & Outcome

Patients gain confidence in receiving optimal healthcare at fair prices. They earn tokens by engaging with the platform and adhering to prescriptions. Tokens are redeemed to have ScriptDrop cover a part of their next prescription’s co-pay.

As an interoperable network, blockchain facilitates the exchange of data across incongruous systems with inconsistent rules and permissions. Healthcare has long been hampered by the challenge of transferring and sharing data across silos.

Pharmaceutical companies benefit financially from improved medication adherence. They support ScriptDrop through partnerships, enabling pharmacies and patients to use the service for free. In return, they gain access to patient.

Blockchain also assists with HIPPA compliance, where the goal is to maintain the privacy and security of personally identifiable information and health records, particularly when mandates limit the circumstances under which data.

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