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Automation via Smart Contracts

* Simple and quick onboarding
* Seamless automation of transactions
* Timestamped evidence for disputes

Cryptographically Secure

* Immutable to data tampering
* Real-time validation utilizing smart contracts
* Traceable audit trail of customer lifecycle

Real-time Patient History

* Disputes Resolution
* Customer Servicing
* Compliance Reporting
* Fraud prevention

Near-zero Reconciliation cost

* Verifiable Audit Trail
* Real-time view of order cycle

The system will work in the following fashion

Current Painful , Non Transparent and Time consuming process

Lack of Interoperability

Fatal Medical Errors - errors arise from multiple different sources, due to an error-prone, unsophisticated system, coupled with an unusually high dependency on one doctor

Late Diagnosis of Conditions: - The early detection and diagnosis of conditions is solely reliant on a healthcare professional to not make an error, and for them to analyse all your medical history accurately

Inefficient Transfers: - Today, patients expect a simple and fast transfer of their data and prescriptions, to every party involved

Our Innovative, Smart contract, Transparent, Blockchain based SMB business process

Single-Source of Truth

Eliminating the need to carry prescriptions

Reducing the number of orders getting rejected due to unclear or invalid prescriptions

Enables user to get all prescriptions from one platform

Eliminate Substance abuse

Authentic and Audited medical records

Avoid medicine frauds

Integrated & Customized Analytics Dashboards

Business Value & Outcome

Patients gets assurance that they are receiving the best healthcare at the fairest price. Patients earn by interacting with the platform and taking their prescriptions as directed. Patients then cash in their tokens to have ScriptDrop pay for a portion of the co-pay on their next prescription.

As an interoperable network, blockchain facilitates the exchange of data across incongruous systems with inconsistent rules and permissions. Healthcare has long been hampered by the challenge of transferring and sharing data across silos.

Pharmaceutical companies also have a stake in the system, as they benefit financially from better medication adherence. These organizations pay for ScriptDrop through partnerships that allow pharmacies and patients to use the service free of charge. In return, they’re allowed to ask patients for access to their data and will also be able to reward patient loyalty with purchased tokens.

Blockchain also assists with HIPPA compliance, where the goal is to maintain the privacy and security of personally identifiable information and health records, particularly when mandates limit the circumstances under which data can be used without authorization from the data subject

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