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Our solution boosts trust, automates processes, and enhances transparency and predictability by enabling users to track where a shipment is at any point in time.

Automation via Smart Contracts

* Simple and quick onboarding
* Seamless automation of transactions
* Timestamped evidence for disputes

Cryptographically Secure

* Immutable to data tampering
* Real-time validation utilizing smart contracts
* Traceable audit trail of customer lifecycle

Fully Automated Commercial Process

* Eliminates trade disputes
* Reduces customer servicing
* Simplifies compliance reporting

Transparent and Traceable

* Near-zero Reconciliation cost
* Verifiable Audit Trail
* Real-time view of order cycle

Blockchain eliminates the bottlenecks and complexities associated with the Logistics Process Our solution helps in -:

Current Painful , Non Transparent and Time consuming process

No Real time Accounts tally

Movement of information

Supply Chain visibility

Regulations, Security and compliance

disparate nature of supply chain providers

Reducing lead time variance

Tracking lost container

Processing Enormous Amounts of Information

Our Innovative, Smart contract, Transparent, Blockchain based SMB business process

End-to-end Solution for Client-Vendor/Supplier Relationships

Monitors Performance History

Maintains History of High-Value Assets

Improves Quality Assurance

Improves Compliance

Monitors Real-time Freight Capacity

Improves Payments and Pricing Processes

Detects Fraud

Prevents Theft

Proves Provenance

Allows You to Issue Smart Contracts

Business Value & Outcome

The digitization of paper-based agreements onto the blockchain will revolutionize the way agreements, bill of ladings, and invoices are prepared, transacted, amended, stored and compiled

Disputes can be drastically reduced between all parties among the blockchain network

Information stored on the blockchain will help resolve contractual disputes faster, without arbitration or litigation.

Integrating blockchain technology will facilitate traceability of the entire supply lifecycle management

Pluggable API based solution

Our solution can be used with our provided User Interface or via API (Application programming Interface). Solution exposes Restful API that can be consumed by any client’s application capable of consuming Rest services.

API can be consumed by customers’ existing application or can be integrated with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain , Amazon QLDB, or the Ethereum blockchain to utilize full functionality of an inter-connected organization in a permissioned blockchain ecosystem.

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