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Our solution boosts trust, automates processes, and enhances transparency and predictability by enabling users to track where a shipment is at any point in time.

Automation via Contracts

Simple onboarding.

Seamless  transactions.

Timestamped evidence.


Data tampering.

Real-time validation.

Traceable audit trail. 

Fully Automated Commercial Process

Disputes Resolution.

Customer Servicing.

Compliance Reporting.

Transparent and Traceable

Verifiable Audit Trial.

Real-time view.

Fraud prevention.

Blockchain eliminates the bottlenecks and complexities associated with the Logistics Process Our solution help in:-

* Faster and Leaner Logistics in Global Trade.

* Improving Transparency and Traceability in Supply Chains.

*Automating Commercial Processes in Logistics with Smart Contracts.

Current Painful , Non Transparent and Time consuming process

No real-time accounts tally and lengthy process with middle men

No real-time stock monitoring and stock level visibility

Current client-supplier relationships lead to inconsistencies and the need for regular reconciliation with high costs

Current client-supplier relationships lead to inconsistencies and the need for regular reconciliation with high costs

Multiple copies and versions of documents are created which make it difficult to find original data

Lack of a real-time view on management efficiency brings about delayed decision-making.

Our Innovative, Blockchain based SMB business process

End-to-end Solution for Vendor/Supplier Relationship

Single-Source of Truth

Order Lifecycle Management System

Order Lifecycle Management

Integrated Dispute Management

Automatic Real-time Value Settlement

Business value and Outcome

The digitization of paper-based contracts onto the blockchain holds the potential to revolutionize the way contracts are prepared, transacted, amended, stored and complied. Information stored on the blockchain.

Our platform enables treasury to see balances across the company at all points in time, compared to the traditional batch-based statements that simply can’t provide up-to-the minute information.

We believe it is possible to achieve a fully automated Account Receivables reconciliation process, thereby increasing straight-through reconciliation (STR) rates to a point where minimal manual.

By enhancing internal efficiency and cutting transaction costs, companies can achieve substantial increases in profit margins. Streamlining operations and reducing unnecessary expenses.

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