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Open source technologies are transforming the way software applications are developed and deployed. Jai Infoway Pvt. Ltd.nologies has been helping enterprises adopt open source technologies to achieve their strategic IT goals. With our open source solutions, we enable enterprises to minimize the cost of application development. Further, our open source services help enterprises improve productivity, performance and maximize efficiency.

With a promising team of highly skilled software developers and technology experts, we help our clients quickly adapt to change using the latest open source technologies. Our team is highly experienced in building complex software applications across verticals using emerging open source technologies. We provide open source solutions to help solve some of the most complex business challenges and enable our clients to stay lean and competitive.


Roadmap / Strategy

We provide strategies to help design, build, and integrate open source systems into your IT projects

architectural consulting

Architectural Consulting

Architectural services for open source technologies that include best-fit analysis and recommendations.

software and web development

Software and Web Development

POCs (proof of concepts) that help enterprises successfully migrate to newer technologies.

support and maintennace

Support & Maintenance

Extended support for product upgrades and application modernization services.

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Open Source Software Solutions

Jai Infoway develops custom open source software solutions, including websites, web applications, web services, databases, business intelligence, analytics, cloud platforms, networking, CRM, containers, ERP, automation testing, distributed systems, and more. Our solutions are customizable by industry and technology needs.
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Open Source Software Development

Our developers are experts in open source software development for various purposes and industries, providing end-to-end services including custom development, user interface and experience (UI / UX) design, integration, DevOps, rapid prototyping, customizations, migrations, re- engineering, and security programming.

Open Source Integration

Our open source integration solutions enable the customization of software integrations, and facilitate the seamless connection of applications on-premises or in the cloud. Components are designed for readiness and critical production deployments, such as performance management, high availability, and security.
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Open Source CRM Solutions

We create open source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions that simplify pipeline management, accelerate deal nurturing, foster collaboration with communication tools, and automate day-to-day processes such as data capturing, e-mail messaging, internal notifications, reports, and insights.
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Open Source Ecommerce Development

We provide open source ecommerce development solutions that offer complete flexibility and control over the online channels, giving the ability to create sites that provide a well-rounded customer experience using engine optimization, catalog management, and various marketing tools.
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Open Source CMS

Our experts create open source CMS (Content Management System) solutions that facilitate multi-site functionality, allow for central management and control of available content, and integrate platforms with third party technology, such as content monetization tools, to increase revenue and brand awareness.

Our Technology Expertise

  • android
  • Angularjs
  • Neo
  • Bigchain
  • Corda
  • Eos
  • Ethereum
  • hyperledger
  • Iroha
  • Sawtooth
  • ios
  • Iota
  • Ipfs
  • Java
  • Lisk
  • Monero
  • MongoDb
  • Multichain
  • mysql
  • Qtum
  • Coinfirm
  • Stellar
  • React
  • Ripple
  • OpenChain
  • Postgresql
  • Storjio
  • Node

We work to advance decentralized web technology using blockchain as a service (BaaS) tools from IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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