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Creation of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development For Air Travel Industry


The Catnair Air Travel Industry wanted to create a cross-platform mobile application. The app will leverage React Native as the development framework, along with Avinode API for real-time flight data, Laravel as the backend framework, and MySQL as the database management system. The app will cater to the needs of users in the air travel industry, providing features such as flight booking, real-time flight tracking, user authentication, and improve the relationships with its third-party partners.


The web application must have the following features:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: –The mobile app should be developed using React Native, allowing it to run on both iOS and Android devices.
  • User Registration and Authentication: –The app should support user registration and login functionality to provide personalised experiences.
  • Flight Booking and Management: –Users should be able to search for available flights, book them, and manage their bookings within the app.
  • Real-Time Flight Tracking:- Integration with the Avinode API will enable real-time flight tracking, providing users with up-to-date information about their flights.
  • Payment Integration: -The app should support secure payment processing for flight bookings and related services.
  • User Notifications: -Users should receive timely notifications regarding booking confirmations, flight updates, and other relevant information.
  • User Profiles: -The app should allow users to create and manage their profiles, including personal and payment information.
  • Customer Support: –Integration with customer support systems, such as chat or ticketing systems, would facilitate communication between users and support staff.


Our Team of experienced developers decided to use React Native for the frontend and Laravel for the backend and MySQL as Database

-Development using React Native: -Utilize React Native framework to build a cross-platform mobile app that ensures a consistent experience across iOS and Android devices.

-Avinode API Integration: -Integrate the Avinode API to access real-time flight data, including flight availability, schedules, and tracking information.

-Laravel Backend Development:-Use the Laravel framework to build a robust backend that handles user authentication, flight booking management, and other business logic.

-MySQL Database: -Utilise MySQL as the database system to store user profiles, flight bookings, and other relevant data.

Benefits and positive outcomes:

Improved Customer Experience: -Passengers will have access to real-time flight information, convenient booking options, and personalised services, enhancing their overall travel experience.

Time and Cost Savings: -The app streamlines the booking process, allows users to manage their travel details efficiently, and provides notifications for any changes or updates, saving time and reducing stress.

Increased Efficiency: -The app automates various processes, such as check-in, ticketing, and baggage tracking, reducing manual efforts and improving operational efficiency for airlines and airports.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty: -By integrating loyalty programs and offering personalised services, the app can strengthen customer loyalty and encourage repeat bookings with the airline or travel provider.

Valuable Insights: -The app can gather user data and behaviour patterns, providing airlines and airports with valuable insights to improve their services and tailor their offerings to customer preferences.


The Travel Industry Application was successfully launched and received positive feedback from clients. Due to jai infoway experienced software delivery process, the application was completed on-schedule, and far earlier than proposed by other leading competitors. Overall, the cross-platform mobile app development for the air travel industry aims to provide a seamless, convenient, and personalised experience for travellers, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction .

Industry - : Travelling

Technology Leveraged

  • React Native

  • Avinode API

  • Laravel

  • MySQL

After the project was finished, the client was thrilled with the performance and outcome.

It was a delightful experience made possible by the jai infoway team's superb comprehension of the requirements. They were also a lot of talkers and grabbers of attention. All of our expectations were surpassed by Jai Infoway.