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Unlocking the Power of Genetics Research with Google Vertex AI: A JaiInfoway Advancement


Since its modest beginnings, a digital travel platform has been revolutionizing the way individuals plan their adventures. With a vision to make global exploration accessible to all, this platform aimed to enhance user experiences through the integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge cloud services. This case study delves into the role played by a top-tier technology consultancy in overcoming challenges related to the integration of Generative AI and cloud solutions, ultimately enabling the platform to offer personalized and captivating travel recommendations.

The Challenge:

The digital travel platform faced a common challenge in the travel industry: crafting the perfect travel itinerary. Recognizing this as a significant obstacle to user satisfaction, a senior leader in the travel sector acknowledged the need to effectively leverage data to connect users with extraordinary travel experiences that exceeded their expectations.

The Solution:

AI and Cloud Integration: Inspired by successes in the industry, the digital travel platform decided to harness the capabilities of Generative AI, renowned for its ability to offer innovative suggestions based on minimal input, resulting in fresh and unique travel recommendations. To bring this vision to fruition, they leveraged a leading cloud service, specifically its machine learning capabilities, to seamlessly integrate Generative AI and provide users with unparalleled travel suggestions.

Jai Infoway's Role:

The collaboration between StarkFork Industries JaiInfoway, and Google Cloud's AI technologies resulted in significant positive outcomes:

  1. Designed and executed the comprehensive architecture of the solution, seamlessly integrating key components such as Google Dialogflow (part of Google Vertex AI), Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Storage (similar to S3), and Antropic Claude v2.

  2. Developed and deployed a Google Cloud Function responsible for leveraging Google Vertex AI and Antropic Claude v2 for text generation.

  3. Configured Google Dialogflow to trigger the Google Cloud Function when a user requested text generation.

  4. Set up Google Cloud Search (formerly known as Google Cloud Kendra) for use by the Google Cloud Function to search for pertinent information within the enterprise.

  5. Implemented IAM policies to manage access to various Google Cloud services within the solution.

Key Contributions by Jai Infoway:

  • Offered comprehensive technical consultation to address the project’s unique requirements.
  • Developed customized models tailored to the specific needs of the project.
  • Expertly implemented cloud services, ensuring a seamless integration.
  • Prioritized security and data privacy throughout the project.

Step-by-Step Architecture Flow:

  1. A user interacts with the application, sending a request to Google Dialogflow, a component of Google Vertex AI.

  2. Google Dialogflow analyzes the request and determines the appropriate action. If the request pertains to text generation, Google Dialogflow triggers a Google Cloud Function that utilizes Google Vertex AI for text generation.

  3. A Google Cloud Function is created specifically for text generation, using Google Vertex AI and Antropic Claude v2.

  4. The Cloud Function may also employ Google Cloud Search (formerly Google Kendra) to search for relevant enterprise information.

  5. The Cloud Function returns the generated text or pertinent information to Google Dialogflow.


  • Serverless: The application harnesses the power of Google Vertex AI, eliminating the need for server provisioning and management.
  • Microservices: The application is organized into microservices, each with a dedicated role, promoting scalability and resilience through Google Vertex AI.
  • Event-Driven: The application functions based on events, promptly responding to user requests and other triggers, rather than adhering to a fixed schedule, ensuring heightened responsiveness and efficiency with Google Vertex AI.


In the end, we take immense pride in the exceptional performance and results of the project. Our profound understanding of your requirements and our proactive approach consistently not only meet but surpass project expectations, leading to a substantial enhancement in the user experience.

Industry - : Biotechnology Company

Technology Leveraged

  • Google VertexAI
  • Generative AI
  • Google Cloud
  • Unified Search AI and Conversational AI Applications