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Amazon S3 vs Glacier

    PointsAmazon S3Amazon Glacier
    Type of storageObject storage. You can store virtually any kind of data in any format.Low-cost archival storage.
    FeaturesAccessible to anyone or any service with the right permissions.Optimized for data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable.
    Max Storage StyleVirtually unlimitedPetabytes
    Max File SizeIndividual Amazon S3 objects can range in size up to 5 terabytes.No limit
    Performance (Latency)Low, for mixed request typesRetrieval time can take several hours
    Performance (Throughput)Multiple GBs per second; supports multi-part uploadLower throughput compared to S3
    DurabilityStored redundantly across multiple AZs; has 99.999999999% durabilitySame durability as S3
    AvailabilityS3 Standard – 99.99% availability S3 Standard-IA – 99.9% availabilitySame availability as S3
    ScalabilityHighly scalableScalable
    Data AccessingOne to millions of connections over the webSame as S3
    Access ControlUses bucket policies and IAM user policies. Has Block Public Access settings to help manage public access to resources.Same as S3
    Encryption MethodsSupports SSL endpoints using the HTTPS protocol, Client-Side and Server-Side Encryption (SSE-S3, SSE-C, SSE – KMS)Same as S3
    Backup and RestorationUse versioning or cross-region replicationSame as S3
    PricingBilling prices are based on the location of your bucket. Lower costs equals lower prices. You get cheaper prices the more you use S3 storage.Lower cost than S3
    Use CasesWeb serving and content management, media and entertainment, backups, big data analytics, data lakeArchival storage, disaster recovery, compliance, and regulatory needs.