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Jai Infoway provides enterprise-class secure, decentralized solutions with blockchain technology. Jai Infoway has expertise in transforming blockchain business ideas into successful companies.

We work with state of the art blockchain tools and components to deliver high quality, fast, and efficient deployment

Blockchain Development Services

Reliable blockchain solutions from industry experts for a vast array of web and mobile applications.

Asset Issuance

Create any type of blockchain-native asset - whether it’s an in-game collectible or a SEC compliant security token.

Smart Contracts

Automate analog processes using event-triggered logic hard coded into a secure smart contracts

Blockchain Deployment

Integrate flexibility into your blockchain project without sacrificing security by utilizing cutting-edge sidechain technology.


We have carved out our niche in private blockchain development using IBM’s Hyperledger ecosystem. Private blockchains can efficiently segregate various levels of hierarchy within an organization

Private Blockchain Development

Develop top-tier private blockchains to streamline the workflow of your business. We can be the most-suited choice for your private blockchain development needs because we employ a highly-secure, private blockchain infrastructure of shared peers.

Wallet Development

Develop a cryptocurrency wallet that is custom-built to your market needs.

Data Anchoring

Leverage the tamper-resistant nature of the blockchain to timestamp and verify sensitive online files.


Use Layer-2 protocols to build micropayment application and unlock new business models.

Multi-signature custody

Utilize multi-sig contracting to activate smart custody and eliminate points of failure from your systems.

Merchant Integration

Plug and play merchant integrations to easily accept cryptocurrency payments at your online or brick and mortar shop.

Decentralized apps

Create new types of applications that upends the traditional client-server application model.

Our Technology Expertise

We work to advance decentralized web technology using blockchain as a service (BaaS) tools from IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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