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Amazon Bedrock

Google AI’s PaLM 2, Codey for code, and Codey for chat facilitate text generation, translation, coding, and Q&A. Jai Infoway customizes Google Vertex AI models for your data, understanding, gathering, customizing, and deploying them for production.

Google Vertex AI

Google’s AI generative models like PaLM 2, Codey for code generation, and Codey for code chat enable diverse tasks: text generation, language translation, coding, and informative Q&A. Jai Infoway tailors Google Vertex AI models to your data, grasping needs, gathering, customizing, and deploying for production.

Microsoft Azure Open AI

Azure OpenAI Service provides models such as GPT-3 for text generation and GPT-3.5 for improved performance. Codex generates code in various languages, and DALL-E 2 generates images from text. Jai Infoway tailors Microsoft Azure Open AI models to your data, comprehending needs, gathering, customizing, and deploying them for production.

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For your business, we provide the most responsible React development solutions. Talk to our Expert for ReactJS development.

AI Operating Systems & Machine Learning

Transform your operations with machine learning models designed to evolve with your needs.

Natural Language Processing:

Break language barriers and interact seamlessly with customers worldwide with our advanced NLP solutions.

Intelligent Document Recognition

Unlock document insights at scale. Turn raw data into actionable intelligence faster and with unprecedented accuracy.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Navigate the intricate web of regulatory requirements effortlessly with our AI-powered compliance solutions.

Generative AI Solutions

Jaiinfoway offers trusted generative AI solutions with enterprise-grade security, catering to startups and large enterprises alike. Access top foundational models and seamless scalability for tailored data-driven applications. From emerging startups to established enterprises, trust Jaiinfoway for innovative solutions with guaranteed security and privacy. Benefit from industry-leading models for effective AI deployment, ensuring alignment with specific data and customer needs. Crafting data-driven, customer-centric AI applications is straightforward with Jaiinfoway, the go-to choice for organizations leveraging generative AI.

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