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The SoFi Technologies Fintech company wanted to create a web app that allowed hospital administrators to track the attendance of doctors and identify any patterns of absenteeism. They decided to use Angular for the frontend of the app and Python for the backend


Our client wanted following features in the app:

  • Users should be able to create and track a budget.
  • Users should be able to track their expenses.
  • Users should be able to invest their money through
    the app.
  • The app should have secure authentication and
    authorization features.


The development team decided to use Angular for the frontend of the app because of its ability to handle complex user interfaces and its support for reusable components. They also decided to use NodeJS for the backend because of its ability to handle high volumes of requests and its support for JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for authentication and authorization.

For the budgeting feature, the team implemented a budget component that displayed a user's budget and allowed them to add and track expenses. They connected this component to the backend using an API that stored the budget data in a database.

The expense tracking feature was implemented using a similar approach, with a component for displaying and adding expenses that was connected to the backend using an API.

The investment feature was implemented using an API that connected to a third-party investment platform to allow users to invest their money through the app.

For secure authentication and authorization, the team implemented JWTs on the backend. When a user logs in, the backend generates a JWT and sends it to the frontend, which stores it and includes it in the header of subsequent requests to the backend. The backend verifies the JWT before processing the request.


The fintech mobile app was successfully launched and received positive feedback from users. They appreciated being able to manage their finances, including budgeting and tracking expenses, through the app. The investment feature was also popular, as it made it easy for users to invest their money through the app. The use of JWTs for secure authentication and authorization helped to give users confidence in the app's security.


Here is a sample code snippet demonstrating the use of JWTs for secure authentication and authorization in the fintech app:
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// Middleware function for verifying JWTs
function verifyToken(req, res, next) {
// Get the JWT from the request header
const token = req.headers[‘x-access-token’];
// If no token is provided, return an error
if (!token) return res.status(401).send({ auth: false, message: ‘No token provided.’ });
// Otherwise, verify the JWT
jwt.verify(token, process.env.SECRET, function(err, decoded) {
if (err) return res.status(500).send({ auth: false, message: ‘Failed to authenticate token.’ });
// If the JWT is valid, store the decoded user ID in the request object and call the next middleware function
req.userId = decoded.id;
// Use the verifyToken middleware function for all routes that require authentication
app.use(‘/api/protected’, verifyToken);
Here are some potential business values that the fintech company in the case study could have experienced as a result of implementing the mobile app:

Increased customer engagement: By providing a convenient and easy-to-use platform for managing finances, the app could have increased customer engagement and made it easier for users to access the company's services.

Improved customer retention: The app could have contributed to an improvement in customer retention by providing a high-quality, convenient experience for users.

Increased revenue: By providing a platform for users to invest their money through the app, the company could have generated additional revenue.

Improved customer trust: The use of secure authentication and authorization features, such as JWTs, could have helped to increase customer trust in the app and the company.

Increased brand awareness: By providing a modern and user-friendly app, the company could have increased its brand awareness and attracted new customers.

Industry - : Fintech Company

Technology Leveraged

  • Angular.JS
  • Node.Js
  • WebStock
  • API
  • SSL

When the project was finished, the client was thrilled with the performance and outcome.

It was a lovely experience since the jai infoway team had a wonderful understanding of the needs. They were also quite talkative and interesting. Jai Infoway more than lived up to our expectations.