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Creation of web App For Hotel Management Application to support Hotel Executives.


The Crestong Hotel Management Company Wanted to create a Web app that would support their hotel executives and staff efficiently manage their daily operations and improve the overall guest experience. The application can help manage room bookings, guest check-ins and check-outs, housekeeping and maintenance, billing and payment processing, and other essential tasks.They decided to use React js for the frontend and Node JS for the backend and PostgreSQL as Database


Our client wanted following features in the app:

  • The application’s core features should include a user-friendly interface for hotel staff to manage room bookings, inventory, and guest data.
  • The users should also include a payment gateway integration for secure and seamless  billing and payment processing. 
  • The application should have a dashboard for managers to track performance metrics, generate reports, and make informed decisions.
  •  Users are  able to find guest check-ins and check-outs details.


Our Team of experienced developers decided to use React js for the frontend and NodeJS for the backend and PostgreSQL as Database

-Our team developed a web application for hotel management that would automate most of the daily operations and provide a user-friendly interface for hotel staff. The application was built using React and Node.js, and the database was hosted on AWS. We also integrated Stripe for secure and seamless payment processing.

-The application's core features included room booking, inventory management, payment processing, and reporting. The room booking feature allowed hotel staff to view available rooms and make reservations for guests, with the ability to assign specific rooms based on guest preferences. The inventory management feature allowed staff to manage stock levels for various hotel amenities, such as towels, linens, and toiletries.

-The payment processing feature allowed guests to make online payments securely, with the option to pay for their entire stay or specific services like room service or spa treatments. The application generated customised reports that provided real-time insights into hotel performance metrics, including occupancy rates, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

-The application also included a dashboard for managers to track performance metrics, generate reports, and make informed decisions. The dashboard provided a real-time overview of the hotel's operations, including room availability, housekeeping status, and maintenance requests. It also allowed managers to view performance metrics for individual staff members and departments, providing insights into areas for improvement.

-We thoroughly tested the application's functionality, security, and performance to ensure a seamless user experience. We conducted extensive testing of the payment gateway integration to ensure that it was secure and that payments were processed seamlessly. We also tested the application's scalability and performance to ensure that it could handle a large volume of requests.


The Hotel Management Application was successfully launched and received positive feedback from clients. The application has automated many manual tasks, reduced errors, and provided real-time insights into performance metrics. As a result, the client has seen an increase in guest satisfaction and revenue. Overall, the web application for hotel management that we developed has been a resounding success for our client. The application has provided significant value by streamlining daily operations, increasing efficiency, and enhancing the guest experience.


Multiple Payment Processing:-To allow the guests to pay in their own currency.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Booking Pages/Sites:-the online channels reflected the correct number of available rooms and provided a consistent booking experience for the guests on any booking sites.

Comprehensive Data and Payment Gateway Security:-Connected with multiple processors for seamless payment while protecting cardholder data to ensure compliance.

Complete Maintenance/Housekeeping Feature:- In order to track the status of all tasks, we informed the maintenance personnel of the issues and periodically provided the latest information to the supervisor in real time.

Access to EasyUnlimited Users:- The software allowed all the employees belonging to different departments to access it anytime, anywhere for getting information or other operational purposes.

Detailed Reports for Each Department:- To ensure that hotel executives can read, understand, and save time to predict plan trends and budgets.

Industry - :Hospitality

Technology Leveraged

  • React.JS
  • Node.JS
  • PostgreeSQL
  • AWS

After the project was finished, the client was thrilled with the performance and outcome.

It was a delightful experience made possible by the jai infoway team's superb comprehension of the requirements. They were also a lot of talkers and grabbers of attention. All of our expectations were surpassed by Jai Infoway.