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The customer is a well-known media production and broadcasting business that is a division of a large international media conglomerate. With more than 30 television stations, a digital company, and a production company, they have access to more than 700 million Indian people.


Our client sought to optimise the user experience across all channels as part of their digital strategy, including online, Fire TV, iOS and Android applications, and so on, depending on user behaviour and preferences. For this, a greater comprehension of consumer behaviour patterns across platforms was necessary. Currently, they were gathering 6.5 billion records (20 TB of raw data) of behavioural data from their 30 million online users per month from various sources utilising the Segment tool. The customer sought to provide a user-focused digital viewing experience.

  • Dependable storage with security against data loss and various sorts of corruption
  • Protection from unauthorized data access
  • Finding one record easily among billions of records (by efficiently indexing data)
  • Cutting-edge analytics engine that can assist them in extracting and visualizing significant insights from the client’s large and diverse data sets.
  • All of this serves as their lone source of reality.


Jaiinfoway provided a corporate data lake so that the client's data could all be kept accurate and up to date while being centrally located. We developed a pipeline utilising EMR (Elastic MapReduce) for data crunching or ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and Power BI for self-service visualisation, leveraging our client's current method to gather and feed data into the data lake.


By working with the software development business Jaiinfoway, the customer was able to receive advantages such as;


To provide the valuable insights the business teams were looking for, we enabled advanced analytics for data from up to a year as opposed to the 3 months of data stipulated in the deal.


We provided each report at a low cost. Due to the spot fleet instances we employed and our on-demand or pay-as-you-use cloud architecture, we were able to achieve a great price-to-performance ratio at this price.


We ran more than 100 VMs concurrently in a cluster and processed over 12 million records in less than an hour.

The Impact

  • The performance and outcome of the project were both very well received by the client.
  • The issue was resolved by identifying diseases and issues early on in order to reduce the possibility that individuals would require emergency care.


Industry - : Media

Technology Leveraged

  • AWS S3
  • AWS Glue
  • AWS Direct Connect & AWS Cage
  • Athena
  • AWS IAM & IAM Analyzer
  • AWS Secrets Manage
  • AWS Glue
  • AWS CloudTrail

The jai infoway team did a fantastic job of comprehending our demands, and it was a wonderful experience. They were also incredibly communicative and detail-oriented. Jai Infoway met all of our expectations.

Lewis Lurie

Media group


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