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Hologic is a market-leading HealthTech data & analytics firm that seeks to link all participants in the ecosystem for workers' compensation. The client's platform makes it possible to manage claims more effectively and efficiently while proactively providing end users with solutions for injury prevention, treatment, and job preparedness.


Our customer wanted us to provide Consider strategies to improve the experience of their stakeholders by formulating a plan that might assist them in accelerating the calibre and scope of their advice and services.

  • Create thorough data models and metadata layers to aid in the proactive definition of the best treatment choices and clinical outcomes and to make it easier to analyse case development with effective risk management.
  • Consolidate their primary data sources, including as billing, CRM, and EHR, and move their main case analysis-related business operations to the AWS cloud.


To improve management of the information existing across various data silos, Jaiinfoway collaborated with the client to develop a foundational data lake and a warehouse using Amazon S3 and Lake Formation. The project also involved creating a standardised perspective on top of the existing "lake house" that enhances the end-users with different data analytics and business intelligence technologies like Amazon Athena to help generate insightful data. In order to provide a 360-degree picture of member profiles, Jaiinfoway has implemented robust data models that are supported by scalable data pipelines to import priority data sources (Billing and EHR) to a central lake house.

Jaiinfoway is collaborating with the client to put pilots and MVPs into production as part of a long-term engagement, as well as to create SOTA ML solutions that support clinical analysis and provide users improved insights into their workers’ compensation claims.


By working with the software development business Jaiinfoway, the customer was able to receive advantages such as;

  • 1 TB of prioritised data from raw Billings and EHR data sources was ingested, transformed, and consolidated.
  • Laid the groundwork for creating experience layer software that offers a comprehensive picture of members across silos.
  • Make use of conversational marketing
  • Cut the cost of customer services
  • Level up your digital marketing quality

The Impact

  • The performance and outcome of the project were both very well received by the client.
  • The issue was resolved by identifying diseases and issues early on in order to reduce the possibility that individuals would require emergency care.

Industry - : HealthTech Data & Analytics

Technology Leveraged

  • AWS Glue
  • Amazon LakeFormation
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AWS Step Functions

The jai infoway team did a fantastic job of comprehending our demands, and it was a wonderful experience. They were also incredibly communicative and detail-oriented. Jai Infoway met all of our expectations.

Lewis Lurie

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