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The premier voice collaboration and analytics company for the financial markets, Cloud9 Technologies, is redefining how traders interact. They possessed substantial collections of trader voice recordings that needed to be inspected in order to keep tabs on trader activity for surveillance, compliance, and execution of financial transactions.


Our client main goal of speech recognition is understanding the words being spoken to the device. That's why one of the most important features of such solutions is the ability to remove user idiosyncrasies and detect the words being spoken accurately. The words are then processed by the software to complete actions, carry out commands, or provide a response.


To make the most of the voice technologies, you need to develop and maintain a solid data infrastructure. Even if voice assistants are increasingly popular, voice-activated banking services are likely to still be a novelty to most customers. voice recognition as a security measure, be aware that achieving a secure voice recognition level will take a lot of time, effort, and money. Using voice as a unique identifier, banks can add another layer of security. Think of this as 3-step authentication for heightened security. speech data collection that can be accessed quickly and efficiently through an easy-to-use API, such as

  • The Speech-to-text API from Google Cloud
  • The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system
  • “Speech to text” API
  • Natural language processing (NLP)


By working with the software development business Jaiinfoway, the customer was able to receive advantages such as;

  • Better trader behaviour monitoring using custom voice recognition that has been domain-adapted
  • transcriptions of speech that are almost as accurate as a human
  • Streamlined and more straightforward data storage for extremely high amounts.

The Impact

The client was ecstatic with the performance and result of the project after it was completed.

By detecting illnesses and problems early on, the likelihood that patients would require emergency treatment was decreased, thereby resolving the issue.

Industry - : Banking

Technology Leveraged

  • Angular.js
  • ASR
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Nodejs
  • API
  • NLP

It was a lovely experience because the jai infoway crew was really attentive to our demands. Additionally, they were detail-oriented and highly communicative. The jai infoway exceeded every anticipation we had.

Brian Normand

Banking and financial group


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