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Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides block-level storage to EC2 instances in the AWS cloud. EBS offers two types of storage volumes:

  1. SSD (Solid State Drive) volumes – also known as gp2, provide high-performance, low-latency disk I/O for demanding workloads such as big data processing and boot volumes.
  2. HDD (Hard Disk Drive) volumes – also known as st1, are optimized for large, sequential read/write workloads such as big data, data warehousing, and log processing.

Choosing between SSD and HDD will depend on the I/O and storage capacity requirements of your application.

FeatureSSD (EBS gp2)HDD (EBS st1)
PerformanceHigh I/O and low latencyLarge sequential I/O for big data
Volume sizes1 GB to 16 TB500 GB to 16 TB
ThroughputUp to 10,000 IOPSUp to 500 IOPS
Use casesApplications with high I/O requirements, boot volumesLarge sequential data workloads, big data, data warehousing, log processing  

General Purpose SSD and Provisioned IOPS SSD are two different types of solid-state drives (SSD) used for cloud storage. General Purpose SSD is designed for general use cases with moderate I/O requirements and is cost-effective, but with burstable performance. Provisioned IOPS SSD, on the other hand, is designed for I/O-intensive applications such as databases and big data analytics and provides guaranteed I/O performance with higher cost.

FeatureGeneral Purpose SSDProvisioned IOPS SSD
PurposeSuitable for a broad range of use cases with moderate I/O requirementsDesigned for use cases with high I/O requirements such as databases, big data analytics, and other I/O-intensive applications
PerformanceLower cost with burstable performance (typically 3 IOPS/GiB)Higher cost with guaranteed I/O performance (up to 64,000 IOPS)
IOPSBurstable performance up to a certain limit, with average IOPS ranging from 100-16,000Guaranteed IOPS performance, with IOPS ranging from 10-64,000
LatencyAverage latency ranging from 10-20msLower latency (typically <10ms) compared to General Purpose SSDs
CostLower cost compared to Provisioned IOPS SSDsHigher cost compared to General Purpose SSDs  

Jaiinfoway solution  provides both EBS-SSD and EBS-HDD, it gives its customers the option to choose the type of storage that best fits their needs based on their specific use case and performance requirements.

EBS-SSD (Elastic Block Store – Solid State Drive) offers high performance, low latency, and high I/O operations per second (IOPS), making it ideal for use cases such as database and big data analytics. It is also suitable for applications that require high levels of random I/O access.

On the other hand, EBS-HDD (Elastic Block Store – Hard Disk Drive) offers a lower cost per gigabyte compared to EBS-SSD and is designed for use cases that require large amounts of sequential data access, such as big data warehousing and backup and archive storage.

By offering both EBS-SSD and EBS-HDD, Jaiinfoway solution  enables its customers to choose the type of storage that best fits their specific requirements and optimizes their storage costs.