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Pharmacy Automation Systems

We develop robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture. Resilient Integration with complete solution for pharmacy, engineered and supported by Cloud,Blockchain and Mobile services.

Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Management

We develop RCM that has Action oriented information and reporting capabilities , Real-time visibility into team’s performance and has ability to sustain improvements with new technologies

e-Prescribing Software Integration

We develop Hybrid mobile applications for streamlining e-Prescriptions and refill requests with separate interfaces for physicians, pharmacists/pharmacy techs, and patients.

Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems

We develop pharmacy solution which streamlines the functionality of health system, improving each segment along the way, including inventory management, inventory replenishment, packaging, storage,accounting/transactions with mobile interface.

Pharmacy POS Software Integration

We develop Integrated pharmacy management systems which can accept chip & FSA cards ,send purchase orders electronically for independent pharmacies.

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